h4ck0r.com Web Browser Proxy
h4ck0r.com Web Browser Proxy

FREE Anonymous Proxy - Access Google, Myspace, YouTube, FaceBook and more!

h4ck0r.com is a proxy that is designed to bypass proxy restrictions through a web interface. By using this proxy you can start browsing anonymously at home, in the office, or even at school!
What is an Anonymous Proxy Server?
An anonymous proxy server or web browser interface proxy acts as a secure gateway between your computer and the rest of the internet. When a website is browsed through this secure proxy site, h4ck0r.com will download the website and then allow it to be seen without ever having to directly visit or connect to the website. h4ck0r.com's proxy unblocks websites blocked by firewalls or filters on your network. It also prevents your information from being tracked by websites. This type of proxy is also called a Google, Myspace, YouTube or FaceBook proxy.

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